Olympus Power are rolling out solar installations for UK car dealer Group Cambria Automobiles. Group Property Director Jason Button could not be happier with the cost and environmental saving for the company. 

Cambria Automobiles is one of the UK’s fastest-growing motor dealer groups in the UK, with 27 sites attracting high-end marques. 

He said: “Cambria’s energy costs went up by 160% in 2022. Solar panels were an obvious choice. In the past we had dismissed it, but now it’s kind of a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

Jason explained that the dealership properties had workshops, showrooms and outside space all of which need to be well lit and powered for many hours for staff and customers. 

Cambria commissioned expert independent energy surveys of all of their properties, and solar panels were at the top of their list to save money by investing in the technology. 

Jason said “Solar for us – I cannot stress this enough – has changed our outlook on energy usage. Solar installation was an easy fix for us, with Olympus doing all the surveys and calculations, it is clearly going to pay for itself. The great thing is that it’s guaranteed for 25 years – it will pay for itself within three, after that I still have 22 years of the pleasure of it. 

“We should all be doing more for the climate and being more conscientious. And solar is very low maintenance – once you’ve done it, you can forget about it.”

The Olympus Power team are experienced in multi-site roll outs, working with Cambria’s onsite managers and designing each solar array to the specifications of a range of buildings, the grid connections and the site’s power usage. Cambria is now looking to continue the roll out of solar power to its leasehold properties, with the expertise of Olympus Power supporting financing options and bringing landlords on board. 

Eleven Cambria sites have been completed with solar installations, saving more than 227 tonnes of carbon a year with plans for more sites.