We are a commercial solar developer offering some of the most flexible financing options for alternative energy systems in the UK.

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Take control of your power costs

Olympus Power is known for its flexible solutions: we develop, install and manage commercial-scale systems that include solar, battery storage, EV fleet charging, wind turbines and other technologies as appropriate.

We know that investing in renewable energy is a major decision for any company. Our team is here to develop commercial agreements that offer the best outcome for your business, with a range of collaboration options.

Zero capital expenditure

We provide fully-funded, developed and installed, commercial turn-key power systems – this means zero capital expenditure for you.

The agreement you would have with us is a PPA, a Power Purchase Agreement. Find out more or use our PPA calculator below.


Power Purchase Agreements PPA calculator

Future proof your energy costs

We believe the future of energy generation is flexible, decentralised and renewable.

Partnered with international investors we have the financial resources to provide your business with unique energy solutions.We offer arrangements to spread the cost of any of our installations with ongoing support.

We will provide your commercial decision-making teams with options for Power Purchase Agreements, with no capital expenditure and ensuring fixed prices for energy at significantly lower cost.

Ready to start your journey to reducing energy costs and CO2?

Start your journey by getting in touch today. Our team will advise you on the best way forward for generating your own energy. We will work with you at every step to consider technological and commercial opportunities that meet the goals of your business.

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Join the energy revolution

Olympus Power helps large commercial businesses enjoy the benefits of cleaner, greener low carbon energy solutions. Talk to us about long-term energy cost reductions – we can design a bespoke combination of renewable energy assets for your business.

Become a power supplier

When our team assesses your site and energy needs, they may suggest that you could become an energy supplier. Larger sites can become ‘minigrids’, so as well as decarbonising your energy mix, surplus power can be sold back to the grid or stored, unlocking additional revenue streams.

Olympus Power can join developments at any stage, providing fast assessments of possible approaches to providing our backing.

Ready to reduce your energy bills and carbon?

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