Roof Mounted Solar

Roof mounted solar PV to change the way you power your business. Capture natural resources onsite to power your site and lower your costs.

solar for your site

Join the power revolution

The future of energy is to take charge of your own power production – add solar panels on unused roof space

Take advantage of clean, green, cheap electricity. We have a range of long term, commercial financing options – it need not cost you a penny to get up and running.

How it works

Save costs and emissions

Experts in solar power solutions

Our team is highly-skilled across many disciplines. We will advise on the most efficient PV solar power system for your needs and deliver a smooth installation and operation process.

Site surveys calculate the best renewable power options in collaboration with your personnel. Accurate financial forecasting allows your managing team to make informed, long term decisions.

Your reasons for choosing solar power for your business:

  • Onsite electrical micro generation
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Meet environmental social governance (ESG) targets
  • Full turnkey solution

Funding renewable energy

We have a range of flexible options for Power Purchase Agreements, with no capital expenditure that ensure fixed prices for energy at significantly lower cost.


Calculate solar costs in a click

Calculate long term pricing options for solar power with our PPA Calculator – your starting point for the future of energy.

Use our calculator

Which sectors benefit from solar power?

  • Retail parks
  • Business centres
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Event stadiums and sports arenas
  • Shopping centres and car parks
  • Office or commercial rental units
  • Holiday parks, hotels and hospitality
  • Ports and marinas

Solar PV is powering companies across the UK. Don’t miss out on growing your business. Are you a leasing agent or landlord? Your tenants will want cheaper greener power too. Get in contact and find out more about our flexible financing solutions.

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