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The advent of wide scale deployment of Hydrogen power is anticipated more keenly than any other development in the renewables sector.  The technology is fast approaching and brings the potential to decarbonise energy more effectively than any technology we have seen to date.

green hydrogen for the UK

When is hydrogen coming?

Hydrogen is created through electrolysis of water separating H2 from O molecules. ‘Green’ hydrogen electrolysis is powered by renewables resulting in zero carbon power.

Currently solar energy makes the best sense for a lot of businesses, for the returns on energy savings and CO2 emissions.  Utilising solar in the production of Hydrogen is closest we have yet come to a green circular economic solution.  Olympus Power are prepared for a  green hydrogen future.

renewable options

Future fuel

As clean hydrogen becomes more economical to produce, it has a key role to play for governments across the world in reaching net zero by 2050.

Developments in the tech that are key to enabling commercial deployment are closely monitored and anticipated within the next five years.

Green hydrogen will be a commercially viable option in the near future. Olympus Power are developing renewable energy systems that can integrate with – or even produce – green hydrogen.


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