Grid Constraint

Smart renewable energy can be used to power sites where grid connections are constrained. Ask about an Olympic Power tailored solution.

grow your business

Produce your own energy

Ask us about solutions for grid constrained sites. Collaborate with Olympus Power for a bespoke system to grow with your business – solar power, battery storage, heat pumps, EV charging, or hydrogen. 

Our experienced team can provide grid integration and manage DNO and all technical requirements.

These technologies are deployed in a bespoke and integrated framework which is linked to AI software, giving your business a competitive advantage in energy savings and added efficiencies.

By engaging with smart technologies, you will bring down power costs and decarbonise as traditional energy prices rise and Net Zero agendas grow ever more critical.

off grid power”

Efficient on-site energy generation

The most efficient energy – generated, stored and used on site. Take advantage of significant savings using adaptive systems


Overcome grid constraint

Bespoke systems to grow with your business.  Microgrids are a considered solution that can combine solar power, battery storage, heat pumps, EV charging, or hydrogen. Use multiple technologies for the greatest efficiency 


Meet targets with no expenditure

Fully-funded renewable energy systems are available via Olympus Power. Meet your environmental targets while keeping costs low

Smart renewable energy

Your own microgrid, using a combination of solar, battery storage, hydrogen, wind and more controlled by a smart AI interface can overcome the problems of the grid infrastructure. 

Power everything you do with renewable energy

We complete a full baseline study before designing a bespoke system with a combination of technologies. A complete project installed and managed by our expert team.

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