electric vehicle charging 

EV charging points using renewable energy – for your fleet, staff and clients.

Green vehicle power

Join the EV network

The UK’s EV charging network is growing

Your site visitors, clients and vehicle fleet will be looking for charging points and you can provide what they need – by using clean, green solar power.

Save on power bills from the grid, or it is also possible to create a revenue stream by charging for the power – our team will give you all the advice you need.

How it works

Save costs and emissions

Experts in solar power solutions

The Olympus Power team will advise on the most efficient solar power system to provide EV charging at your premises. Site surveys are paired with energy audits to calculate the best renewable power options for you.

Accurate financial forecasting will allow your managing team to make the best decision to power your business.

EV charging

Power to you

Providing chargers can draw people to your business and give a charging stream.

Add to that the benefits of renewable power, with low cost electricity and lowering your CO2 emissions its definitely worth investigating with the Olympus Power team.

We will assess your energy needs and can design a bespoke solution for your site – or multiple sites.  Get in touch today and spark a conversation about EV charging for your business.


Have an ESG policy?

Providing EV charging is a simple way to enhance the sustainability offering of your business – charge points can even carry your branding and provide accountable data


Do you have a vehicle fleet to charge?

Charge your cars, vans and even trucks with renewable energy for a green transport solution. With a software platform providing management data, you are in control


Already have a solar panel system?

No problem – charge points can use your existing system, or we can expand your current system with solar canopies, roof or ground-mounted panels as well as safe battery storage

integrated charging technology

Choose a full solution

Olympus Power provides you the best combination of hardware and software for efficient EV charging.

Take advantage of tax savings and fuel cost reductions by combining an expanding EV fleet with renewable power technology. An on-site renewable solution providing the cheapest, fastest charging solution with a predictable cost and availability.

Our flexible finance options maximise the benefits to your business, with fit for purpose hardware and software that provides full visibility – including carbon accounting.

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