battery power storage

Store the power you generate from your renewable system, so it’s ready when you need it. Combine on-site battery storage with your solar system for a continuous power supply to your premises.

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On-site energy

Battery storage is the perfect complement to a solar power system, whether it’s for storing the energy you produce but can’t use or for devices that need their own 24/7 power supply.

When your solar system produces more power than you can use, store it in a battery to use when you need it.

Olympus Power will give a full assessment of your energy needs and advise if battery storage is efficient for your business. We will also assess whether ‘selling back’ to the grid is a better option for you.

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Store your power

We provide Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) for businesses, as well as utility scale solutions for the grid.

Olympus Power also provides utility scale battery storage that can either be standalone or co-located with renewables, such as solar and wind.

The BESS imports grid power at times of low cost, and exports under contract with National Grid and the DNOs, providing balancing services for the grid, helping its stability.  These service contracts are paid differing levels of premium depending on the requirements.

Batteries help reduce the grid constraints, enabling greater import and export capacity. Read more about our solutions for grid restraint here.

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Time shift your energy

Use the renewable energy you generate to the time when the energy you need it

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Uninterrupted power

Batteries can create a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) where you needs resilience against brown outs and black outs


Generate income

Batteries can provide grid services such as frequency response, capacity market etc – providing a revenue stream

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Reduce energy costs

Reduce red zone charges for using the grid – instead use battery power at the most expensive times of the day


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