Ground Mounted Solar

Change the way you use your land. Repurpose your sites to generate power to use or sell. We have a range of installation and long term finance solutions for all types of operation.

commercial scale solutions

Repurpose land

Ground-mounted solar is increasingly being installed as part of land restoration, or alongside agricultural use as well as more traditional solar farms for power generation.

Repurpose land that can’t be built on to generate power- either to use onsite, to sell back to the grid or with a battery system for EV charging. We have a range of financing options – no need for capital expenditure to initiate a project.

award-winning expertise

Power generation

Experts in solar power solutions

The Olympus Power team will advise on the most efficient solar power system for your site, working with you in phased delivery and securing grid connection.

We collaborate with legal and financial professionals to develop long-term, commercial power purchase agreements.

Surveys paired with energy audits to calculate the best renewable power options for you. Accurate financial forecasting allows your managing team to make informed decisions.


  • Large phased sites – we can develop a staged rollout at your pace
  • Land restoration  – ground mount systems can actively promote biodiversity and preserve habitats
  • Quarries, mines, landfill, brownfield or agricultural sites
  • A lifespan of over 40 years
  • Generate your own, cheaper power
  • Seamlessly integrate with onsite storage or mini-grid
  • Pay nothing with our fully-funded installations
  • Sell power back to the grid for a guaranteed price

Funding renewable energy

We have a range of flexible options for Power Purchase Agreements, with no capital expenditure that ensure fixed prices for energy at significantly lower cost – allowing for long term financial planning and security.



Commercial solar

The Olympus Power team have delivered numerous ground-mounted solar projects, and have an in-depth knowledge of specialised sites.

For example, a membrane-capped landfill site requires sensitive design and delivery with specialist mounting systems and flexible cable runs. We engage closely with each client to understand the needs of the site and any technology remaining in place, and offer a range of solutions for different ground surfaces, power storage and use.

We can develop a detailed delivery plan for you –  with a range of options for planning, design and operation. Alongside accurate long-term financial forecasting, this allows your managing team to make informed decisions.


Large, multi-stage site?

No problem, we provide expert advice and project management for a phased roll-out to your timescale

Aerial view of Hampstead Heath, a grassy public space and one of the highest points in London, England”

Do you have climate commitments?

Long-term, low carbon renewable energy with added land use benefits is the answer


Have you been told renewable energy is not possible?

An initial survey and estimate might show otherwise  – advances in solar technology plus our innovative system designs can bring you a solution

Engineers on a solar power plant”

Need to show your emissions saved?

We have that covered, with real time reporting of power generated and carbon off set

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