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Olympus Power has the full solution, we can provide operating and maintenance of your renewable power systems.

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Maximum efficiency

Solar is one of the world’s most reliable technologies. The panels contain no moving parts so they’re long lived and durable, with a lifespan in excess of 40 years.

With simple maintenance they’ll keep working at maximum efficiency, and with ongoing data monitoring we can evaluate and advise on your system to grow with your business.


5 year checks

Like all electrical installations, a solar array should have safety and electrical check-up every five years as a minimum.  There’s a lot of cable and connectors in a solar power system, and we know you have high safety criteria to meet as well as the imperative for a reliable power supply.

All Olympus managed systems routinely receive an annual test and inspection report.

With remote monitoring, any system faults are picked up in real time and dealt with without compromising performance or income.


Remote monitoring

Monitoring the data from your systems means we can spot small problems before they become big ones. Remote monitoring tells us if your system is working properly and if it isn’t, we fix it!



Cleaning ensures panels work at optimally.  Local environmental factors affect the surface of solar panels and in an area where they’re more likely to get dusty – such as arable farmland – we’ll arrange more frequent cleaning.  Birds, industry, trees can all be responsible for deposits on solar panels and scheduled inspections and remote monitoring will pick up if generation is compromised.


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