Our operations team has put together the top six myths they come across when talking to businesses about solar power.

The solar power industry moves so fast with technical innovations that it is easy to be misled by old news – here we debunk some of the common myths of solar power for businesses.

Myth 1: If the sun isn’t out there will be no power.

Photovoltaic PV solar panels generate power from any sunlight, so if it’s raining or even snowing electricity is still created despite the clouds. In fact, heat will reduce the efficiency of the panel conversion, so cooler conditions can be an advantage.

Myth 2: Solar panels are inefficient. 

Sunshine is an abundant and free resource and capturing it to make electricity where its required is an amazing opportunity. For the hours of darkness, batteries can store and supply power during the gaps in electric production. Any excess power produced which is beyond your business needs can be sold to the National Grid. As solar technologies advance, panels are capable of converting the sun’s power more and more effectively. Ask us about solar panel efficiency rates we can supply for your business.

Myth 3: You need a roof facing a certain direction

In the UK, a south-facing roof allow panels to receive the most sunlight during the day. Roofs with an east or west orientation will still generate plenty of electricity – only about a quarter less power overall. In a few cases east/west might even work better, as  having the maximium power output available in the morning or evening could be best for your business. Only north facing solar panels have low viablity in this country, but talk to us – there may be an alternative energy solution for you. 

Myth 4: Installing solar panels will cause leaks

Not with our expert team! Retrofitted solar panels will not be fitted directly to your premises’ roof.  The panels will be fixed via a specially engineered mounting system fitted to the structural elements. Solar systems are designed with fittings that prevent water ingress and installed by experienced contractors. In fact, fitting solar panels can actually prolong the life of some roofs by providing shading from sun and sheltering it from weather.

Myth 5: Manufacturing solar panels uses more energy than they actually save

Solar panels have an expected life span of more than two decades. In the UK it is expected that the energy generated would exceed the energy it took to create the panel within 2 years.  The industry is continuing to develop more effcient methods of production and recycling of solar panels with an aim of recycling 95% of the materials. Olympus Power regularly assessses the market to offer the most effcient solar systems. 

Myth 6: Installation is expensive and complicated, needing continuous maintenance.

Olympus Power can install solar power at no cost to a business. How? Through a power purchase agreement, or PPA. We incur all the costs and, once installed, we purchase the power generated for typically the next twenty five years, supplying the business with a guaranteed (and cheaper!) price per unit for electricity.

A capital-free route for businesses to generate on-site green electricity – more about Power Purchase Agreements 

We have other options open to companies; for example the client can purchase and install the solar system, using all the electricity it generates, to save money on increasing energy bills while lowering carbon emissions. The team at Olympus Power can develop a bespoke solar option for your business, giving a recommendation based on the varying power usage throughout the day and over a year. We can accurately predict solar power generation by taking into account the aspect of the site, its location in the country and the solar panel area.

Is installing solar power complicated? Not for us! Olympus Power have had wide experience installing systems all over the country using tried and tested products and developing new solutions.

Solar panels need little maintenance. They are robust, and require little more than a clean with water to prevent dust building up and reducing light absorption.

Talk to us about solar power for you business today

The Olympus Power team have been renewable power pioneers since 1979 and have experience with a diverse range of installations, locations and client needs.

We can give an accurate forecast of the cost in savings and carbon emmissions for your business with a bespoke designed solar power system. Start a conversation to find out more