Voltage Optimisation

Stop paying for power you don’t need. Reduce the electricity you use with Voltage Optimisation.

How it works

Only the power you need

Easy to fit, low-cost technology that cuts carbon emissions, reduces energy costs and prolongs the lifespan of your equipment.

A Voltage Optimisation unit is fitted to the incoming power supply of your premises, providing all the power you need but preventing you from being charged for excess energy.

How it works

For all powered premises

An Olympus Power Voltage Optimisation unit reduces the mains supply to your building at or very near 220 volts, so your appliances get the power they were designed to run on, not power they can’t use.

All businesses that use electricity can benefit from Voltage Optimisation. 

Can I fit a Voltage Optimisation unit?

VO for all businesses

All powered business premises can benefit from a Voltage Optimisation unit, for lower bills as well as saving on energy use and emissions.

The UK’s single phase electricity supply varies between 218 and 253 volts. But most electrical equipment uses 220 volts. If it’s supplied with 253 volts, the extra power doesn’t make it work better. It’s just wasted as heat, light or movement. And it causes premature wear, too.

When you choose Olympus Power, you can trust in our expertise. Our team will provide accurate energy forecasts, plan site installation, and offer finance options to suit your needs.

Partner with Olympus Power today and take a step towards a sustainable future for your business.


Power-hungry business?

Voltage Optimisation can reduce your energy use – and bills! – by up to 15%


Is VO for my business?

Voltage Optimisation is ideal for use with high-energy premises, such as hospitality with kitchens, accommodation or pools. Also manufacturing sites with machinery, heating or cooling – just contact us for an assessment

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Do you already have renewable energy?

Voltage Optimisation works with your existing systems, and can still save your costs – just ask

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Do you have multiple sites?

No problem – we can manage nationwide rollouts with VO units taking under a day to fit

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