Manufacturers in control of power prices

Hi-tech manufacturers Gooch & Housego (G&H) serve the key markets of aerospace, telecoms and life sciences. We installed rooftop solar at their Illminster headquarters, reducing their power bills by up to £12k a month.

  • Commercial solar rooftop installation
  • Generating up to 300,000 kWh a year
  • Reducing electricity spend by up to £12k each month
  • System will pay for itself within 3 years

taking control of power generation

Bringing energy prices down

With an electricity bill of £50,000 a month, G&H had a situation similar to many manufacturers in the UK, and were seeking to reduce their energy spend.

This tech manufacturer were impressed with results from an Olympus Power roof-top solar install at their Torquay site, and wanted the same great savings for its Ilminster HQ.

We fitted a 300kWp roof-mounted system, built from 790 panels to cover both roofs of the building. On a clear day it is capable of providing between 25% and 35% of the company’s power. Across the whole year it will contribute 10% of the company’s 3GW needs.

benefits for all

Renewable power saving

Barry Luke, Director of Operations at G&H estimated that the solar install will cut bills by as much as £12,000 a month and the system will pay for itself within three years.

“At current electricity prices we were looking at a doubling of our bills,” he said. “Now the amount we’re saving will pay for the installation by 2025. And if electricity prices keep rising, it will have paid for itself even faster – perhaps within two years.”

G&H products help to bring environmental and social benefits in many markets, with their technologies supporting the generation of clean, renewable energy and improve energy efficiency. They have a clear sustainability strategy and a net zero road map.

fighting climate change

Sustainability strategy

G&H’s strategy is to use renewables wherever they can be fitted. Next up is a ground-mount solar array on a strip of unused land that wraps around the Ilminster car park, followed by electric car-charging ports with solar on the roof.

“We’ve got 100 people here and 200 car parking spaces, so we could afford to use some of that space for electricity generation,” says Luke.

Being able to generate its own power gives G&H a level of independence and insulation from increasing electricity prices. That not only gives it a commercial advantage but also puts it on the right side of the fight against climate change.

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Green power for lean manufacturers G&H, driving net zero targets

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