Cutting Emissions In The Automotive Industry

Major automotive manufacturer Sertec has chosen rooftop solar panels from Olympus Power, providing a third of the business’s power and reducing their bills with green energy.

We installed a 1MW rooftop solar system at their Wincaster House site, which has immediately cut Sertec’s electricity costs from 30p per unit to 10.5p per unit.

  • 1MW commercial solar rooftop installation
  • Funded and installed at no cost to the client
  • Solar produces 30% of the business’s power
  • Electricity is 66% cheaper than grid prices

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Generate your own power

Birmingham-based Sertec is a leading UK automotive engineering company that makes car parts for Jaguar Land Rover and others – and it’s an energy-hungry business. They require huge amounts of electricity to power machinery and factories, and were facing rising energy prices. Before the solar system was installed the company was paying 30p per kWh for all their electricity, making high bills and high CO2 emissions.

Olympus Power can develop a clean energy, bill-cutting solar package for your business

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Sustainable business performance

Sertec, who were looking for ‘methodologies that deliver sustainable business performance and excellence’ chose an Olympus Power solar panel rooftop system with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for their Birmingham HQ.

The solar panels were funded and installed at no cost to the client. Under a Power Purchase Agreement, Olympus Power funds the installation of the panels and all equipment. The system is maintained and insured by Olympus throughout the term of the agreement.

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Meet energy targets

Clean power is sold to Sertec at an agreed unit cost, which in this case is 66% below the price they pay to their electricity supplier, for the duration of the agreement. When the agreement ends, Sertec takes ownership of the installation, or we can remove it. Ask us about tailoring a Power Purchase Agreement for you

Sertec’s energy requirements means it uses just about all of the power it generates – typically around 90%. In one year, the system will provide 30% of the business’s power.

The potential to cut emissions and bills further has led Sertec to commission our team to provide a second, similar-sized solar installation at its stamping plant. Combined, the two solar systems will help this UK manufacturer reduce its exposure to ever-rising energy prices and make a significant contribution to cutting its carbon emissions.

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Solar power for the automotive industry

Clean power generated at Sertec is 66% below the price they would pay to an electricity supplier, for the duration of the agreement.

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