Clean energy for production

Innovative product designer and manufacturer Packexe chose Olympus Power for two rooftop solar installations at their premises in Exeter.

Making 100% recyclable protective films used in packing, construction, health and by rescue services, this manufacturer uses clean renewable energy on-site and for sale to the grid.

  • Commercial solar rooftop installation
  • 152kW solar system
  • Client funded project
  • Power used on-site with additional sold to grid

reducing environmental impact

Expanding solar system

The first solar installation at Packexe was in 2015 when Olympus Power installed a 72kw roof-mounted system – it was so successful they doubled it in size 5 years later.

When their solar power system generated an impressive 10,000 Kw during May 2019, Packexe founder and CEO Andrew Orchard decided it was time to expand the set-up. They invested in further panels on the other side of the building to further their environmental goals, plus it made sense commercially for the growing business.

Andrew Orchard: “Packexe is committed to reducing the environmental impact our manufacturing processes and factory operations have. From LED lights, and a large-scale cardboard, plastic and waste recycling programme at our Exeter HQ, to making our products 100% recyclable and significantly more durable than the alternatives, we are working hard to improve our green credentials wherever possible.”

sell excess power

Generating income

Olympus Power added a further 80kw of solar panels to the existing capacity, covering the other half of the manufacturer’s roof and bringing the total system up 152kw.

Generating 10,000kw of clean electricity in one month means Packexe saved 4.5 tonnes of Co2 in one month alone. “This milestone speaks loudly about the energy and capability of the new green initiatives installed around Packexe.” said Andrew.

The system now has a large enough capacity to supply Packexe with plenty of clean electricity as well as selling excess back to the grid, creating an extra income stream for the business.

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Clean energy

The system has a large enough capacity to supply Packexe production premises with plenty of clean electricity as well as selling excess back to the grid

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