Hotels saving 9% on energy 

Reduces harmful carbon emmisions 

Extends equipment life

Rooftop Solar

Three hotels benefitting from voltage optimisation units installed and managed by Olympus Power.

We installed optimisation units at the Garage Rock Hotel, Dartmouth Golf and Country Club and the Best Western Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel. 

Accommodation, leisure and catering businesses are power-hungry – these venues are saving money on heating pools, cooking and chilling food, heating and air-conditioning for guests. 

The UK’s single phase electricity supply varies between 218 and 253 volts. But most electrical equipment uses 220 volts. If it’s supplied with 253 volts, the extra power doesn’t make it work better. It’s just wasted as heat, light or movement. And it causes premature wear, too.

Olympus Power’s voltage optimiser stabilises the mains supply at or very near 220 volts, so your appliances get the power they need, not power they can’t use.

Voltage optimisation works with anything that uses electricity, including three-phase supplies. You’ll see the benefits most with appliances and machines that are always running.

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