Saves 160 tonnes of C02 every year

0.24 MW power generated a year

Provides an income for the landlord

Olympus Business Park is a typical small industrial estate, with 15 small businesses renting premises from one landlord. Each uses different amounts of power in a different way, and the site is made up of several buildings.

To generate enough power we needed to build seven separate systems on different rooftops and connect them all together, then hook the 15 tenants up to the supply.

The system was funded by a power purchase agreement. We supply, install and maintain the equipment, and lease the roof spaces from the site’s owners. In return, we sell the electricity to the landlord who then sells it on to the tenant.

Each tenant gets a 20% discount on their electricity bills, and the price per unit is kept below what they would pay to a utility supplier. The PPA benefits everybody – the landlord gets an income, tenants get cheaper power, and everyone helps save 160 tonnes of CO2 every year.

We took our name from this job as it summed up what we want to do – provide custom solutions for any situation.

“Simon and his team overcame the difficulties of 15 tenants subletting at the Park and delivered the 250KW system we needed. We wholeheartedly endorse a PPA with Olympus Power”

Brian Waggett

Olympus Business Park

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