Commercial rooftop solar array

Up to 90% of power used on site

3702 tonnes of C02 saved

Bills reduced by £1.2m over 25 years

System will pay for itself in five years

For G&H, putting solar on the roof of its Torquay manufacturing site was a no brainer. “Any business seriously interested in their profitability and sustainability should embrace solar,” says Steve Rider, the firm’s operations director.

‘Over 25 years, on today’s energy prices, we are going to save in excess of £1.2m on power.  Reinvested in the business this saving benefits us, our staff, customers and the wider community.”

G&H’s roof-mounted system will pay for itself within five years, and after that the savings can be ploughed back into the business. Up to 90% of the power produced will be used on the site, which makes fibre optic products and uses large amounts of power.

Over the system’s predicted 25-year lifespan, it will save 3702 tonnes of C02.

Commercial Rooftop Solar

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