Power Purchase Agreements

Find out about Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to unlock lower energy prices. Olympus Power operates a portfolio of 40+ distributed energy assets and has installed 1,200+ commercial solar systems.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, is a capital-free route for businesses to generate on site green electricity. This provides you with a long term solution of energy at significantly lower rates than traditional energy contracts.

We install your power system at zero cost, you pay for the power consumed – at lower, locked-in prices. At the end of the term, you become the owner of the power system to enjoy decades of free, green power.

  • No maintenance
  • Low energy costs
  • Low carbon

The variable terms in a PPA are the amounts of power that you use and generate, as well as the length of the term. Use our PPA Calculator for an indication of how an Olympus Power PPA could work for you.

PPA Calculator

Instantly see your power savings with our PPA calculator.

Find out how much you can save by visiting our PPA calculator and viewing costs based on power consumption and length of contract.

With our decades of experience, legal and financial collaborations we can offer flexible long term agreements you won’t find anywhere else.


PPA Calculator

How does a PPA work?

Power Purchase Agreements are a highly-cost effective way to take control of your energy costs. Olympus Power will work with you to provide accurate forecasts of the energy markets to ensure that you and senior managers can predict future energy spend to have confidence to grow the business securely.

  • We design a power system for your specific needs – for now and in the future
  • The system is fitted at no cost to you, working closely with your team
  • You agree to buy electricity from us, for a fixed term
  • We sell you green power for much less than utility suppliers charge
  • We own, insure and maintain all of the equipment for the duration of the agreement
  • At the end of the term, we transfer the system to you or remove it free of charge.

Energy Price Protection

Our Power Purchase Agreements are locked in – the price you pay for power will always be lower than available through utility companies.

Join us – our clients are protected from long term energy price increases.


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Need to know more? Of course. We understand that changing how you power your business requires careful consideration.

Get in touch with our team who are highly experienced in developing commercial solar systems to guide your path to cleaner, cheaper and reliable energy.

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